God Has the Final Say on Our Future – Daily Devotional


God Has the Final Say on Our Future – Joshua 2.8-14 – Daily Devotional
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Joshua 2.8-14 NASB
8 Now before the spies lay down, she came up to them on the roof, 9 and said to the men, “I know that the Lord has given you the land, and that the terror of you has fallen on us, and that all the inhabitants of the land have despaired because of you. 10 For we have heard how the Lord dried up the water of the Red Sea before you when you came out of Egypt, and what you did to the two kings of the Amorites who were beyond the Jordan, to Sihon and Og, whom you utterly destroyed. 11 When we heard these reports, our hearts melted and no courage remained in anyone any longer because of you; for the Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth below. 12 Now then, please swear to me by the Lord, since I have dealt kindly with you, that you also will deal kindly with my father’s household, and give me a pledge of truth, 13 and spare my father and my mother, and my brothers and my sisters, and all who belong to them, and save our lives from death.” 14 So the men said to her, “Our life for yours if you do not tell this business of ours; and it shall come about when the Lord gives us the land that we will deal kindly and faithfully with you.”

Friday March 1st
In the Year of Our Lord 2024.


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Is God Speaking To You?

If Your Not Born Again,
Eternity Begins When Your Heartbeat Stops.

Heart Beat

Will It Be Heaven or Hell?
If Your Born Again, Eternity Began When You Accepted Jesus Christ, as Your Lord and Savior.

You Must Be Born Again, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


Will You Accept Jesus Christ, As Your Lord and Savior Today



TheWholeArmourOfGod.com Stand Against The Wiles Of The Devil
God Has the Final Say on Our Future – Joshua 2.8-14 – Daily Devotional


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